Nobody's Heart

Johannes Wamberg | Guitar
Jonathan Bremer | Bass
Oilly Wallace | Saxophone
Felix Ewert | Drums
Malthe Rostrup | Keys 

1. I Love U
2. K
3. Kong Louis
4. Altid
5. Til stede 
6. Île Flottante
7. Hey B
8. Ånder du stille
9. Salme


released 17th September, 2021

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The first album release will be the self-titled ‘Tabloid’ on the 17th of September 2021.

With simple melodies wrapped in a bit more complex harmonies, Tabloid gives us a modern 21st century jazz/soul. It’s no secret that Johannes Wamberg, the composer, is a fan of the American Jazz/funk/soul sound from the 70’es & 80’s but by adding the young band members background in classic jazz and the new Danish pop (soul) scene, they bring the sound up to date. The songs on the album are groovy (and danceable), but also includes ballads. On that background Tabloid invites us to either tap our feets or just lay back and enjoy the music and life.

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