Nobody's Heart

Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh | Guitar
Adi Zukanovic | Keys
Anders Christensen | Double Bass
Jakob Høyer | Drums
Victor Dybbroe | Percussion
Greta Eacott | Percussion
Lars Greve | Reeds

1. Triangular
2. Fragments
3. Out on a Limb
4. For Keeps 
5. A Certain Uncertainty
6. Whereabouts
7. Anthem


released 2nd October, 2020

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Merging the simple with the complex

Whereabouts is the latest project from Danish guitarist/composer Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh.
The project has been developed over the past few years and culminates with the album, Whereabouts, which will be released on October 2nd 2020, on April Records.

Whereabouts will be the second release from Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh and compared to Krogh’s critically acclaimed debut album, Distill, from 2017, this album marks new artistic directions for Krogh, both in terms of exploring the spheric versus the rhythmic dimensions, in the meeting between organic and manipulated sound sources and through its special focus on percussion.

Whereabouts explores the intersection between improvisation/composition and simplicity/complexity, the relation between time and space and the sonic qualities of the musicians gathered in unity.
The group consists of some of the leading voices of the contemporary Danish jazz scene, who have all worked across genres and borders, and are known for their work with internationally acclaimed bands/artists such as Girls in Airports, Jakob Bro, Paul Motian and IRAH among others.

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