OTOOTO I This Love Is For You

Oilly Wallace | saxophone     
Jonas Due |trumpets 
Jonatan Melby Bak | Double Bass
Calle Brickman| keys

Andreas Svendsen |
Matthias Petri |

1. Disolving Parts
2. 0 to 1
3. Mayday Greyday
4. This Love Is For You
5. Slow  Dance
6. Sunfish
7. Tokin’
8. Leo and Her Twingo
9. Hekea
8. The Space Replaced


This Love Is For You

released 21st May 2021

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Formed in 2019, young Danish group OTOOTO have been winning fans, plaudits and radioplay for their fresh brand of music taking in neo-soul, jazz & groove.  

Finally, on May 21st, they release their debut full-length album ‘This Love is for You’ (April Records)

Led by trumpeter Jonas Due and saxophonist Oilly Wallace, the group’s signature sound entwines light, lyrical horn melodies with the characteristic sound of the vintage synth Juno 106.

Whilst Denmark might often be associated internationally with a spacious, brooding style of jazz, it’s young indie scene has been diving deeper into the more groove-based elements of the genre; this new offering from OTOOTO is not only an excellent example, but stakes their claim as one of the next Danish groups to reach an international audience.

“Our mission is to reflect modern society and put a sound to its vibrations. And through this sound we seek to transmit purity, love and joy” – OTOOTO

Infused with an overriding sense of joy, the 11 songs unfold in a harmonious, playful way, taking the listener deeper and deeper into a swirling mix of everything from west coast synth pop to mellow jazz.  

This melting pot of ideas doesn’t stop with the music either; the band welcome a host of guests onto the record, including vocalist Lo Ersare, guitarist Johannes Wamberg, percussionist Eliel Lazo, Christian Balvig (string samples and cello) and Emil Hess (clarinets).

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