New signing Nana Rashid has announced her debut album Music For Betty which will be released on April 14th.

The members of acclaimed Danish trio Little North make up the band for this project, which will be available on CD and vinyl formats.

Walking a tightrope between an homage to her idols and an undeniably modern, self-assured performance, the vocalist places herself in the present through her charged lyricism, and political/spiritual undertones.

The heart and soul of everything Rashid does is rooted in the belief that music can remind us of what we have in common – our humanity.

A reference to the first track ‘Poor Blue Betty’, the album’s name is a tribute to the parts of ourselves we dismiss but still so badly desire as they are what make us whole. The eight tracks on the record were written and chosen out of a wish to make music for the dismissed parts of Rashid’s soul as a tool to reintegrate them into herself.