Morten Schantz Trio I Passenger

Morten Schantz | piano, compositions     
Morten Ankarfeldt | bass
Janus Templeton | drums

1. Mountaineer
2. Hidden Island
3. Ankarhelten
4. Pokhara
5. Dynasty
6. The Yes Cat
7. Apia
8. Passenger



released 16 September 2022

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“Morten Schantz is European jazz name we’re going to get used to hearing” – The Guardian

Energetic contemporary jazz and intricate compositions cloaked in pop-like simplicity lead the way in the latest release from Danish pianist Morten Schantz and his trio, out 16th Sept on April Records. 

‘Passenger’ – their third studio album – revels in exploring both the familiar and the unexpected, offering a modern jazz extension to the iconic Scandinavian piano trio sound.

Rooted in thoughtful songwriting, the album moves seamlessly from comforting harmony of folk and pop music to extended passages of energetic virtuosic improvisation, propulsive syncopated riffs, and attitude-infused bluesy bass-lines.

Taken as a whole, Morten’s compositional skill creates a series of songs which can feel more like a mini-suite with their labyrinthine hooks and through-composed sensibility. 

Continuing in the vein of the ensemble’s critically acclaimed 2014 release Unicorn and Morten’s 2017 release Godspeed (Edition Records), the group’s palette is extended with the inclusion of horns, percussion, and Ondes Martenot. 

Their 15 years of performing together can be heard through the ease in which they weave through their rich array of influences. 

The three musicians are highly active on the Danish and worldwide music scenes, each with impressive reputations and accolades under their belts. 

Drummer Janus Templeton was awarded the Grammy for ‘Jazz Album of the Year’ in 2007, Bassist Morten Ankarfeldt has released over 60 albums across his career, and Morten Schantz himself has been awarded the prestigious Young Nordic Jazz Comets, numerous compositional grants from the Danish Arts Council, and been nominated for two Danish Music Awards.

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