Gustaf Ljunggren with<br />
Skúli Sverrisson<br />
Floreana<br />

Gustaf Ljunggren | guitar, drums, synths    
Skúli Sverrison |bass

1. Palace Prelude
2. Leading Somewhere
3. Kongens Mark
4. Bottomless Siestas
5. Olive
6. Isen Bruten
7. Codimar
8. Streams
9. Vestegnsromantik
8. Maren
7. Vi Overlever


Gustaf Ljunggren with Skúli Sverrisson


released 13th May 2022

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Renowned Swedish guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Gustaf Ljunggren enlists the help of one of his musical heroes, bassist Skúli Sverrisson, for a fascinating album of original music which rewards the patient listener with an  introspective, emotionally transportive experience.

“I listened inwards, and it sounded like this”, says Gustaf Ljunggren about Floreana, releasing May 13th with Danish label April Records

The guitar-led compositions inhabit a unique yet familiar space somewhere between folk, ambient electronic music, and Nordic ECM-esque jazz. With an emphasis on song, texture, and the type of timeless songwriter’s harmony that could pull on anyone’s heartstrings, Ljunggren feels the music came from within him with the greatest ease. 

“Melodies came to the surface, and I chose to say ‘yes’ to them, embrace them, carry them forward.”

A collaboration with world-renowned Icelandic bassist Skúli Sverisson, these songs weave the sounds of the past with those of the future to create private musical spaces which their listeners can escape to for a moment. 

This music doesn’t seek climaxes as much as it seeks states of presence and attention, serving up gentle melodic patterns and with a strong sense of musical maturity and contentment

Bookended by a series of intimately recorded duo performances in which Ljunggren’s breaths can be heard as he plucks his guitar, the album introduces synth textures, modern production and intricate layered arrangements as time goes on. By the seventh track, the listener is transported to another world entirely, with rhythmic piano patterns, lush pads and a four-on-the-floor kick drum reminiscent of ambient/atmospheric-pop composer Ólafur Arnalds. 

The result is the experience of being taken by the hand and guided through on a peaceful journey into one’s self.

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