Finding Seagulls

Benjamin Nørholm Jacobsen piano
Lasse Jacobsen drums
Martin Brunbjerg Rasmussen bass

1. Two & Three
2. Ode til skyer
3. The Kite
4. And Daughter
5. Horses
6. Enora
7. Anna
8. Freyu
9. Invoke
10. Cold Hawaii
11. The Kite – Reprise

Finding Seagulls

released 19th February 2021

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There’s of course a long and well-documented lineage of Scandinavian music which brings together melancholic Nordic soundscapes with the deep tradition of jazz.

Little North, a young piano trio out of Denmark, is by no means an exception to this, but their sophomore album Finding Seagulls sees them writing the next chapter of this rich tradition.

Already highly-acclaimed in their home country of Denmark, the group spent their formative years playing and composing together, developing a chemistry and intuition which belies their youth. Moving seamlessly between composition and improvisation, their poetic ‘melody-first’ writing often masks a deep complexity which bubbles just below the surface.

“Finding Seagulls, is a metaphor for the search for land in an ocean of endless possibilities. When a seagull appears on the open sea, you know land is nearby. As a trio we are constantly in search of new sounds and stories.

This album is a representation of that search” Little North brings together the warmth of American jazz with the cold, minimalist sounds of the North, creating that Nordic sound loved by so many: atmospheric, cinematic, captivating… somehow gloomy and joyful at the same time.

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