Kresten Osgood Album Cover

Benjamin Nørholm Jacobsen piano
Lasse Jacobsen drums
Martin Brunbjerg Rasmussen bass
Kasper Tranberg trumpet

Viktor Spasov guitar

  1. Running Down the Park
  2. It’s Beginning to Rain Again
  3. Calystegia
  4. Push
  5. Spotting Salamanders
  6. Einar
  7. Tide
  8. Huntress
  9. Ind i det Azurblå

Familiar Places

released 21st Jan, 2022

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With one foot firmly in the American jazz tradition and the other covered in Nordic frost, Little North returns with the next step in their sonic expedition. 

Barely a year after the release of the critically acclaimed “Finding Seagulls” which marked them as a one-to-watch in the jazz world, the young Danish trio releases “Familiar Places” (21st Jan, April Records). 

The album expands – quite literally – on the group’s raw energy and warmth, with the adventurous addition of Swedish indie guitar prodigy Viktor Spasov and trumpeter Kasper Tranberg on a number of tracks.

But whilst the guests add another layer to the music, the core essence of the piano trio shines through; intricate interplaydeep grooves and delicate melodies that are shared between the three musicians. 

Through nine original compositions, the young Danish band proves to be so much more than ‘just’ another Nordic piano trio. With that near-telepathic understanding that only years of playing together can create, they seem to be digging deeper into the true essence of Little North. 

In a melting pot of modern minimalism and cinematic jazz, Little North is staking an early 2022 claim to its importance in the next exciting chapter of Scandinavian Jazz.

“Classic Nordic jazz but achieved with modern brilliance” – Jazz Revelations

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