Nobody's Heart

Kasper TranbergTrumpet
Nils Davidsen
Bass & Cello
Frands Rifbjerg|

1. Little Abi
2. Virgin Beauty
3. Gettin’ On Way
4. Nobody’s Heart
5. Circle Dance
6. Ukendt / Bitter Funeral Beer
7. My Bad
8. En stor dag

Nobody’s Heart​

releasing 10th May, 2023

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Renowned Danish trumpeter Kasper Tranberg reforms his delicate chord-less trio with Nils Davidsen (bass & cello) and Frands Rifbjerg (drums) for the release of ‘Nobody’s Heart’ (May 10th on April Records).

Active on the jazz and improv scenes since the early 90s, Tranberg has been described as a player of great heart and purpose. Inspired by the iconic improvisers of our time, the album explores the connection between their instrument, their body and their soul.

A collection of eight songs that Tranberg has deemed his favorites of the past few decades, the repertoire ranges from tin pan alley legends Rodgers and Hart, to visionaries like Ornette Coleman, to contemporary Danish singer/songwriter C.V. Jørgensen.

On selecting the repertoire, Tranberg says “[it] was not about surface flash, technique or speed, but I followed my heart, my own footsteps and encounters in the previous 2 or 3 decades”.

Tranberg, Davidsen & Rifbjerg have been performin together since the early 1990’s, united by their passion for an exploratory and unpredictable playing style. With emphasis on stillness, melody, and texture, the record’s tone is melancholy, peaceful, and restorative.

Tranberg’s intimate, warm trumpet sound soars above a bed of fluid bass and drum texture, slowly evolving from miniscule and sparse to dense and chaotic. Egoless, mature, and without flash, it is apparent the ensemble holds listening in high regard. The trio seems to breathe as one, with each member aiming to make every note and sound mean something.

Capturing the essence of each of the songs and making them undeniably their own, ‘Nobody’s Heart’ is deeply personal, meditative and intricate.
“Sometimes something else sings through the room and music – not often, but it’s a great feeling when it happens.” – Kasper Tranberg

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