Nobody's Heart

Oilly Wallace | Saxophone and flute
Johannes Wamberg | Guitar
Daniel Franck | Bass on ‘Brother’
Frands Rifbjerg | Drums on ‘Brother’

1. Mosaïque 
2. Christina
3. Vermilion
4. I Wish I Knew
5. Gentle
6. This Little Town is Paris
7. Brother
8. Beverly
9. Une Histoire de Plage
10. Two Sleepy People
11. Up Jumped Spring
12. Never Let Me Go
13. Forbi


released 30th October, 2020

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Describing the record in their own words, the two young musicians say:
“Our new record is the fruit of one year’s work in the studio, where we have refined our consonance and our repertoire, and pursued the narrative that lies within our musical vision. One could say that we have cut to the bone and have dived deeper into our own sound.”
And in the leftover bone there is a marrow. And its substance there are mature blood cells. Boys have become men and the music has aged, just like good wine.

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