Nobody's Heart

Jeppe Zacho | Tenor Saxophone
Jonas Due | Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Thomas Bornø | Piano
Anders Fjeldsted | Double Bass
Henrik Holst Hansen | Drums
Eliel Lazo | Congas on ‘Loyal Soldier’ and ‘El Bravado’

2.Loyal Soldier
4.El Bravado
6.The Sweet One
7.Bülow’s Way

Introducing Jeppe Zacho

released January 12th, 2024

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Denmark’s April Records have proven time and time again their back-catalogue showcases some of the finest improvised music the nation has to offer, from internationally celebrated names including Cecilie Strange, Tomasz Dabrowski and Little North to newcomers like Nana Rashid and Tigeroak. Their latest signing, saxophonist Jeppe Zacho proudly presents his debut album, set to release on the 12th of January.

Zacho has been a hardworking saxophonist and educator in Copenhagen, performing regularly in acts including Jazz Five, The Counterfictionals, Jack Street and various Big Bands. His debut sees the seasoned player and composer assemble his dream quintet for the first time to delve into bop and beyond.

Described in the liner notes as “modern jazz in the old fashioned way”, the record’s tone is forward thinking and fresh while maintaining the raw energy and live excitement of all the timeless records jazz fans grew up on. 

Through his writing Zacho showcases the different facets that make up his musical and personal identities; a piece dedicated to a formative teacher, an ode to his beloved, a composition that reflects his love for Cuba and its rich musical culture, and an homage to a 1970 Soul/Funk classic make up the quintet’s varied repertoire.

The juxtaposition of the first two pieces gives the listener an insight into the stylistic breadth under the quintet’s belt. From the downbeat of ‘Self-Express’, the band erupt into a deep swing groove, quickly making way for Zacho’s playful, blues-drenched solo over a confidently interactive rhythm section. ‘Loyal Soldier’ on the other hand is a modern latin-influenced tune featuring complex time signature changes and a rich harmonic palette. In this way each subsequent piece keeps the audience guessing, with their ears being pulled by familiar nods to the past as well as rousing journeys through modernity.