Bonded over the struggles of the pandemic and a mutual love for Motown, Soul and Afrobeat, we are proud to present ‘Moko Jumbie’ – the debut by ‘A Plane To Catch’ – set to release on April 28th.

The vibrant Danish jazz scene came to a crashing halt along with the rest of the world in early 2020, and a tight-knit community of up-and-coming musicians were thrust into a void, robbed of the largest part of their livelihood and joy, live performance.

Gathering in a graffiti-smudged artist’s space in an old industrial facility in Copenhagen’s outskirts, these musicians created a space for themselves to improvise in a funky, groove-based setting, and soon began writing songs together.

Exploring the rich exchange between West African musical traditions and Western funk and soul, this is music meant for dancing, transporting the listener to dance floors both real and imagined. Featuring warm, raw production the record creates a real sense of energy and intimacy, as if the listener is in a dark club with an electric jam band…