Nobody's Heart

Cecilie Strange | saxophone
Peter Rosendal | piano
Thommy Andersson | bass
Jakob Høyer | drums

1. Bridge
2. Bjergkøbing
3. Hymn To Papa
4. Mykines 
5. The Dance # 4.2
6. First Step


released 29th May, 2020

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Hearing Cecilie Strange’s new album “Blue” makes you feel like “meeting an old friend for the first time”.
With her very soulful, passionate and deeply rooted tenor saxophone sound she plays yearning and longing melodies and out of the blue comes this melancholic yet joyful music, that encircles you in warmth and solace.

Together with her three co-musicians, pianist Peter Rosendal, bassist Tommy Andersson and drummer Jacob Høyer, Cecilie Strange forms an exquisite quartet of the utmost delicate expressivity. This quartet becomes the perfect vessel for releasing the potential of Cecilie Strange’s original music that reflects off the Nordic Jazz tone while still maintaining it’s own beauty and originality.

The album was recorded in Thomas Vang’s “The Village” studio, Copenhagen, June 2019.

Cecilie Strange graduated with a masters degree from the Music Academy of Southern Denmark, Odense and studied with saxophonists Chris Cheek, Bill McHenry, George Garzone and Chris Potter in New York.

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