Supreme Court

Supreme Court


Since its heyday in the mid 20th Century, Jazz has been a melting pot that borrows from almost every musical and cultural idiom it comes into contact with. 

Keeping this tradition alive, the Copenhagen-based collective “The Supreme Court” celebrates the city’s musical diversity, bringing together jazz with hip-hoprap, and soul

Built on the foundation of four leaders of the country’s new generation of jazz players, the rock-solid rhythm section brings together a whole host of guests. 

Putting a spotlight on rap and hip-hop are the Agami Brothers. Kuku, Joseph and Al Agami are well-established members of Denmark’s underground scene, with over 30 years of experience performing, recording and releasing their explorations of poetry, love, indignation and anger. 




Supreme Court I The Supreme Vibe

Supreme Court I The Supreme Vibe

Jonathan Rahbæk | bass     Johannes Wamberg | guitarJacob Broholm | keysAndreas Fryland | drums + Special guestsE. Brown I vocals      Oilly Wallace I alto saxophoneKuku Agami I vocalsBette I vocals Patrick Dorgan I vocals     Joseph Agami I vocalsJonas Due I trumpet,...

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