Gustaf Ljunggren / Emil de Waal

Gustaf Ljunggren / Emil de Waal


The concept of strict musical genre has arguably been dead for decades, and the latest offering from Danish powerhouses Gustaf Ljunggren and Emil de Waal once again reinforces this notion. 

Their third collaborative album ‘Stockholm København’, a spacious, cinematic and boundaryless exploration of their shared musical connection is set to release on July 7th on April Records.

Emil de Waal has been one of Denmark’s leading drummers for three decades. Gustaf Ljunggren initially studied the saxophone at the Rhythmic Conservatory of Copenhagen, where whispers spread throughout the school that he was the best saxophone player in town and yet never practiced. His career has seen him prove that he can bring grace, musicality and heart to any instrument he touches, from the pedal steel guitar, to the bass, piano, and more. 

In the words of Danish multi-instrumentalist Kresten Osgood, “Although an instrument may be new to him he is able to play it like he has had a lifetime of experience working with it. Over the years I think the only instrument I haven’t seen him play is the drums.”

‘Stockholm København’ has a vast array of influences including Jazz, Americana, Film Music and Electronica. It is full of space, coaxing the listener into a meditative state and inviting them to drift away with their own imagination.




Gustaf Ljunggren / Emil de Waal | Stockholm København

Gustaf Ljunggren / Emil de Waal | Stockholm København

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