Alawari I Alawari<br />

Sune Sunesen Rendtorff | piano    
Carlo Janusz Becker Lauritsen | trumpet & flugelhorn 
Jonatan Melby Bak | Double Bass
Asger Uttrup Nissen | alto saxophone

Simon Forchhammer | drums
Frederik Engell | Tenor Saxophone
Eigil Pock Steen | Live processing & sampling

1. Filmmer
2. Koral
3. Hvalen
4. Misundelse
5. Sunes Hit
6. Etude
7. Stone
8. Elegi
9. Sorg Pt.2
8. Sorg Pt.2
7. Revolution




released 29th April 2022

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United by a shared passion for rebellion and freedom of expression, Danish collective Alawari release their explosive eponymous debut album this 23rd April on April Records.

Inspired by the spirit of revolution and ancient war, the ensemble aims to challenge the listener’s expectations through chaotic, free-improvised sections of burning expression juxtaposed with passages of functional harmony and composition.

A raw, instrumental album at its core, the traditional rhythm section and 3-horn frontline is extended through live electronics, audio processing, spoken word, synth textures, and sampling, placing one foot firmly in the modern world. 

Despite featuring just 7 musicians, it often feels more like an orchestra or a big band, combining through-composed classical-influenced arrangements with no holds barred improvisation and groove.

Formed back in 2016 and gaining national recognition the following year winning Denmark’s Young Jazz competition, they’ve garnered a reputation on the European avant-garde scene for energetic live shows and animal-like expression. 

This bold debut is a long-awaited statement of intent, giving listeners a taste of the Alwari concept: to tear the listeners’ world apart, before inviting them to pick up the pieces and put it back together again!

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